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Residential & Agricultural Surveys:

Worth Surveying has provided property owners and commercial clients with boundary surveys, ALTA/ASCM Land Title Surveys, Cadastral and retracement surveys for more than 40 years. These surveys have produced a large database of monumentation and property corner records throughout Southern Michigan, that allows us to research and retrace property boundaries efficiently, thereby reducing the cost and time to complete surveys and the associated legal descriptions and maps.

Just like doctors or attorneys, surveyors are not all the same. Your choice should be based upon reputation and experience, not cost.

Boundary Surveys: What is it?

Boundary Surveys establish the true property corners and property lines of a parcel of land. Boundary surveys are typically performed to obtain building permits, to resolve property disputes, and for erecting fences. Easement lines may also be located, if requested, with this type of survey.

Residential, Boundary or Agricultural Survey: Who Needs it?

Homeowners, prospective home buyers/sellers, real estate/mortgage/title companies, legal entities representing property owners

When should I get a Residential, Boundary or Agricultural survey?

  1. Before you buy land, make sure the property you are buying has a current survey. Pins set in subdivision plats of the early 1900’s to the 1980’s should be checked and verified by a Licensed Land Surveyor. Beware! Many landowners and real estate professionals describe parcels as surveyed when pins appear at boundary locations. Anyone can stick a pipe or pin in the ground, a practice often found in and around our area. Be sure you know that what you are buying is located within the parameters of your legal description. Contrary to buyer beliefs, title insurance does not insure for encroachments.
  2. When planning a construction project. The high costs of construction materials should be reason enough to get a survey before beginning a project. A survey assures you that your new improvements are being built within your property boundaries. Be sure that your structure is in compliance to local government-required building setbacks. Be especially careful when building adjacent to government lands, as they may require the removal of any trespass. Do not depend on your building contractor to determine your building location in relation to your lot lines unless you are very sure where they are. Contractors are not surveyors!
  3. When there are issues regarding access. Legal road access is another area that often arises during a real estate transfer. Our area is integrated with all types of road corridors going in and out of rural parcels. These roads often cross adjoining parcels and may or may not have a legal easement to do so. Easements, when written properly, identify centerline location, width, grantor, grantee, transfer rights, and uses. Attorneys and/or title companies will take a very close look at this when interpreting marketability of title.
  4. Before you sell. Providing your realtor with a current survey will definitely improve your chances for a quick, trouble-free transaction. Often, buyers make offers contingent on a survey. This not only adds time to the situation but if any problems arise as a result of the survey, you may lose a good, qualified buyer. Knowing the accurate locations of the property boundaries will also make for a much better presentation by your agent when showing the property.
  5. Taxable acreage verification. At times we have been asked to verify the acreage of a parcel in comparison to assessed acreage. County Assessors require certified surveys in order to make taxable acreage adjustments.
  6. Encroachments. As people build, remodel and expand, the possibilities of building on your neighbor’s property or your neighbor building on yours increases. If you suspect the location of your neighbor’s improvements, there is only one way to prove it: get a survey. Suspicion carries no weight in land boundary disputes. A certified survey showing the locations of the trespass in relation to the boundary is the first step toward resolution.

Residential, Boundary & Agricultural Survey FAQ’s

  • How long does it take?
    • About 2 weeks
    • A Residential Survey typically is a 4 step process
      • Step 1 – Consult with client about needs & wants
      • Step 2 – Gather Data. Go to location and take measurements
      • Step 3 – Process data and fit property description into property data we have collected, create drawings/map
      • Step 4 – Put stakes in the ground and mark the boundaries
  • What do I get?
    • Fully comprehensive boundary description including a certificate of survey
      • Map that shows boundaries, structures, etc
      • Disclose any encroachments that you may have onto a neighbor or that a neighbor may have on you
  • What do you need from me?
    • Copy of deed or title commitment that has your property description on it
  • How much does it cost?
    • Cost varies from project to project. We believe in value added prices. When we give you a quote for your project, that is the cost from start to finish no matter how long it takes. To get a custom quote fill out our Quote Request or call us today at  517-788-9806 or contact us using the “Get a Survey” form below this information.

Dear Mr. Worth, Thank you for a Professional Survey without any hassles or delays. Also, thanks for answering all of my questions and for calling back promptly with answers. Now we know where to put the fences when we are ready. Once again, thanks!!!
Once again, thanks!!!  The Marquedants  
I want to thank you for the job you and your guys did for us. What a great group of guys you have working for you. It was a pleasure having them do the work we needed done, and (in my opinion) an honor to be in the presence of navy veterans. (I wonder if Casey (or is it K.C.?) burned his tongue on the hot peppers we gave them.) Now that we have this survey accomplished, we can now focus on getting our property back on the market. Thank you again for not turning us away like other companies because of who you know or who you've worked with or whatever excuse you can think of. Both Dale & I would highly recommend you to anybody we know that needs survey work done.
What a great group of guys you have working for you.  Kyla  
Mr. Worth, Thanks for taking the time to assist me with my survey problem, I appreciate how quickly you completed the survey - sure made my life less complicated. As I said you are #1 in my book.
As I said you are #1 in my book  Mary  
Mr. Worth, we were very happy with the results of our survey. And most happy with the professionalism of the surveyors. It is a pleasure doing business with such pleasant individuals.
We were very happy with the results  Mark  
Dear Mr. Worth, Thank you for your kind patience in our struggle to understand all the issues. We are grateful for the mutually beneficial outcome and recognize your skills and peacemaking played a major role for us all. Sincerely, Pasou
Thank you for your Kind Patience  
You don't know me but you surveyed my property so quickly on Thursday December 18th 402 S. Union, Parma. Just wanted to say your quick service is greatly appreciated. God Bless You. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Your Quick Service is Greatly Appreciated  Ruth  
Tom - I want to thank you very much again (and I know the sellers really appreciated it) for acting so promptly on the survey for 4659 Sargent Rd. We closed on it yesterday.
Thanks for acting so promptly  Paul  
I called Worth Surveying in the beginning of August to get a Property Survey on my home. I needed to know the boundaries so I could put up a fence and cut down some trees and the property stakes were not visible anywhere. Worth's survey team came out quickly and within a few short weeks I had new stakes and paperwork showing me everything I needed to know and more! I was very happy with their results and the cost was affordable. Thanks guys! Daniel & Charra Hammett
Fast & Affordable!  Daniel & Charra Hammett